Before Travelling In 2021, You Need To Know These Five Things

need to know travel in 2021

2020 had a lot of people cancelling travel plans or moving them to 2021. In the same vein, most people just made travel plans for 2021 with great optimism. However, before you make that trip, there are a few things you need to know about travelling in 2021. These tips would make your trips and journeys easier and relatively stress-free.

Since the advent of the Coronavirus, travel has greatly evolved past what we used to know. There’s more paperwork, preparation, and stricter travel rules. All of these are enough to test the patience of a saint if they do not know what to expect.

Therefore, you need to know these Five things before travelling this year.

Five Need-to-Knows for Travelling In 2021

1.      Book Now and Check the refund terms Before Booking.

While there is a lot of uncertainty and more countries are closing their borders, book that ticket now. You need to stay ahead of the rush of people heading to destinations when they finally open. In addition, prices are still relatively low and savvy travellers know that a boom in traffic translates to an increase in prices. Therefore, book that cruise, flight ticket, hotel or guesthouse room or suite, just make your bookings now.

On the other hand, while making your bookings and reservations, make sure that there are strong refund policies. These policies ensure that you get all or most of your money back if for any reason you must cancel. In these uncertain times, travellers must have the certainty of favourable refund policies before making reservations.

2.      Check the State or Country’s Health Requirements

Always assume that your destination has specific health requirements you need to meet. This assumption should propel you to reading on them and preparing ahead. Basically, most countries require a negative COVID-19 test result to avoid quarantine. Similarly, other countries would demand 14 days quarantine even with a negative result or proof of health insurance valid in their country.

The rules are changing constantly. For instance, Australia’s Qantas says it may fly only vaccinated international passengers and the US would require a negative test result from even citizens from January 26. These are just examples to show why you should always check the health requirements.

For updated information on travel health requirements, visit or subscribe to our blog and airline websites.

3.      Make Use of Loyalty Points

This is a pro traveller tip for reducing cost and enjoying some benefits. These points can give you anything from first-class airline seats to an updated suite in a hotel or on a cruise. Besides, bookings and reservations made with points are often easier to refund if necessary.

4.      Research, Research, Research!

While it is great fun to make reservations and book tickets, you need to research your destination. Delve into local policies and rules. It is especially important to research local rules in the state you are visiting. For instance, Lagos had longer curfews during the lockdown compared to other states. In addition, Greek islands are closed to tourists while Greece is open. You do not want to be surprised when you arrive at your destination, so make that research.

5.      Be open to changes.

The Coronavirus has made travel more unpredictable than ever. Hence, plans are bound to change. Always leave room for these uncertainties, so they do not disrupt your important plans. However, if they do, relax and go with the flow.

Now you know all you need to know about travelling in 2021, what travel plans do you have for 2021? Let us help you with your travel and migration plans, visit our website to get started.

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