Resumption of International Flights In Nigeria

international flights

Airlines have been asked by the Federal Government of Nigeria to begin preparations for the resumption of International flights.

As part of the measures to check the spread of the COVID-19 the Federal Government banned international travels in March 2020. However, on Thursday the Minister of Aviation announced plans to resume flights in weeks rather than months.

Sani Aliyu the coordinator of the presidential task-force on COVID-19 stipulated the guidelines for resumptions.

“We have modified the advice regards the arrival of flights: passengers arriving at the airport for domestic flights¬† are advised to arrive an hour and half before their flights and 3 hours before international flights are scheduled when they resume”.

In addition, domestic air travel restarted on July 8th after a 3 month ban due to the pandemic. Presently Nigeria has 44,890 cases and more than 900 deaths as reported by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control.

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