Summer ’21- Top Destinations to Spend Summer Vacations in 2021

Summer vacation destinations

Summer is almost here. The last snows are falling for some and for others, it’s almost time for the amazing summer vacation. However, what’s a summer vacation without fun destinations? Below are our top five picks for the best summer vacation this season.

Top Five Summer Vacation Destinations to Visit In 2021

These destinations range from serene island locations to exotic, luxury cities. We have only added destinations open to tourists as it is one of the important things to look out for when travelling in 2021.

1. The BahamasSummer vacation destinations

The Bahamas is the Paris of summer vacations. It offers over 100,000 square miles of beautiful ocean waters. This translates to several beaches to choose from, including private and public beaches that come with different price tags. The Bahamas is often referred to as the most idyllic destination for getaways all year round.
With breathtaking sceneries, amazing locals and great weather almost all year round, the Bahamas has earned its place on this list. In addition, it is open for tourism with some COVID 19 guidelines put in place.

2. Mackinac Island

If you love hiking, cycling and lit weekends, then you’d love Mackinac Island. Visiting this summer vacation destination is like taking a trip back in time to the 20th century. Simply relax and take in this beautiful island. You would forget all about the hustle and bustle of modern life in no time.
Also, it is open for tourists and tourism. So, pack your bags and head to the romantic Mackinac Island this summer.

3. Dubai

The city of luxuries is not about to be outdone. See the Burj Kahlifa, go skiing indoors in the desert. Get great deals at very exclusive summer festivals for shoppers. At these festivals, you can win coupons, massive discounts and mind-blowing raffles.
Summarily, if your perfect summer vacation is one filled with exotic luxury, Dubai is the destination for you. Currently, Dubai is open to visitors and tourists from select countries. You are advised to check their travel and COVID-19 guidelines before planning your fabulous holiday.

4. Miami

This coastal metropolis has the third highest skyline in the entire USA. Miami is a major centre and leader in finance, commerce, culture, arts, and international trade. This metropolis welcomes tourists in thousands annually, especially to its beach fronts (only New York has a higher number of tourists in the US).
Miami Beach is currently open for tourists. however, there are strict travel and COVID guidelines to follow.

5. HawaiiSummer vacation destinations

Finally, we have the prime destination for summer vacays- Hawaii. Lush seas-life, beautiful beaches, and amazing volcanic landscapes are just the tip of the iceberg. Hawaii’s six major islands offer unique sights and experiences that can be tailored to fit your needs.
Tired of the beach? Enjoy the town side of Hawaii with hotels, casinos and restaurants aplenty. To cap it all off, the weather is great all year round. In addition, Hawaii is open to tourists with COVID guidelines and a few travel restrictions in place.

In conclusion, our list of the top five summer vacation destinations is all ready for you. Therefore, take advantage of this list, talk to one of our professionals today and begin the process of having the very best summer 21.

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