Top Five Destinations For A Warm Winter Vacation

The leaves are turning and falling, the weather is getting colder and colder. Winter is coming, and with it comes the long-awaited winter holiday. With all the choices available, how do you know where to go for a sunny winter? We have curated a list of the top five destinations for a warm winter vacation.

With our list, you can kiss the cold winter goodbye and pull out your sun hats. From the islands of the Caribbean to the valleys of Bali, here are our favourite warm winter holiday destinations.

Top Destinations to Visit for a Warm Winter Vacation

·      The Maldives

warm winter vacation

Packing your bags already I see, well you should. The Maldives has over 1,192 coral islands, and it’s one of the world’s most dispersed countries. The dreamy beaches, crystal clear waters, and amazing views are the reasons we love the Maldives. In addition to these are the beautiful wildlife and coral reefs, all of which make for pleasant scuba diving and surfing. For the best experience, visit the Maldives between November and April, when the weather is mild and warm and the rooms are cheaper.

·         The Caribbean

The Caribbean is an idyllic vacation spot, it’s considered the best place for a winter vacation. Visit the world-famous beaches of Turks and Caicos for a wholesome winter getaway. In addition to beaches and islands everywhere you look, it would be unfair to omit Saint Lucia. Located in the Eastern Caribbean Island, St. Lucia has dramatic mountains, volcanic beaches, luxury resorts, reef-diving sites, and several fishing villages.

Finally, St Lucia is riddled with lots of locations to explore and kick up the romance. So take advantage of these locations and do something grand like a Romantic sunset cruise or kissing under the Piton falls.

·         Bali

warm winter vacationBali is a superb place to connect with yourself and nature. Also, it is home to some of the finest yoga and meditation retreats in the world. Bali is often described as a paradise populated by picturesque sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and an array of coastal life and colourful reefs.

All of these make Bali the perfect backdrop for a warm winter vacation.

·         South Africa

In many ways, South Africa is the ultimate offering from the African continent, combining the relaxation of Africa’s laid-back culture with exceptional hospitality. Visit South Africa for its fantastic wildlife, famous sites such as Robben Island and Table Mountain, plus a number of vineyards for wine enthusiasts. In addition, there are a lot of beaches to explore, and local cuisine to indulge in.

·         Canary Island

Canary Island boasts of the best service in all of Europe. It offers abundant natural beauty, pine-forested mountains, and wide valleys running down to the sea. This location is best described as the sublime marriage of island tradition and luxury.

Which of these locations would you choose to spend your warm winter vacation? Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out these prime spots for a Christmas vacation for more inspiration.


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