Top Five Holiday Locations For a Christmas Vacation In 2020

holiday christmas locations

The holidays are upon us and a holiday is at the top of so many lists. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, it might be difficult deciding where to spend the holidays. These top holiday spots are just what you need if you are faced with this dilemma. Whatever you want from your holiday this Christmas, these locations would provide them. From the classic Christmas holiday with family to a snowless Christmas holiday, these top five Christmas holiday locations are just what you need.

When picking holiday locations this Christmas, you have to consider several factors. These include safety, weather conditions and of course personal interest. However, these are some of our favourite locations.

Top 5 Holiday Locations this Christmas

1.      Prague

Prague in December has been described as a Christmas wonderland. The twinkling lights, snows, scenery and medieval architecture combine to create a picture you have to see to believe. Also, Prague holds the record for the best Christmas market, it carries a wide range of gifts, crafts and food too.

Finally, Prague would trill you with many attractions such as the old town square and Charles bridge. What’s more, they are all free, so you don’t have to spend money on sightseeing.

2. The Maldives

The Maldives is perfect for every holiday and Christmas is no exception. This island destination offers stunning scenery, beautiful weather and luxurious accommodations. Think of sandy beaches, wonderful locals and a Christmas food market that oozes Christmas cheer.

Many spas in the Maldives host a meet and greet with Santa and have a lot more packages that are pocket friendly. Want sandy and sunny beaches for Christmas? Think the Maldives.

3.      Rochristmas holiday locationsme

Rome is quite the enchanting location to spend Christmas. With its charming piazzas, streets and buildings decorated for Christmas and the amazing Christmas tree in Piazza Venezia, Rome is often the place to be. Of course, no Christmas trip to Rome would be complete without attending the Pope’s Christmas message and blessing. This is a very popular event that happens annually at St. Peter’s Bascilla.

What is better than Christmas in the holy city, with blessings from the pope and the sights and sounds of Rome?

4.      San Miguel de Allende

The vibrant colours of this old yet romantic Mexican city are even more wonderful to experience during the Christmas holidays. The festivities and decorations are worth planning a holiday to this beautiful destination.

In addition, there is always a light show and candlelit processions that enact Christmas stories. Also, there are great foods and local Christmas traditions that are best experienced. These make San Miguel de Allende the perfect Christmas destination for lovers and families.

5.      Vienna

This Austrian city is teeming with Christmas markets with the most unforgettable held in Rathausplatz square. This square features neo-Gothic city halls and a vast array of options. The scenery, decorations and wares transport you to 19th century Christmas in Vienna.

While shopping, grab a glass of traditional Christmas punch to keep you warm and enjoy shopping and sightseeing.

Which of these top locations for a Christmas holiday would you pick? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, check out this visa bond policy from the US that exempts Nigerians and what it means.

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