UK To Announce New International Travel Rules

UK International travel-Filii Magna

LONDON: Britain and UK will on Monday set out plans to restart international travel, using a “traffic-light” system as the country cautiously emerges from lockdown.

The announcement comes as the UK has set a tentative date of May 17 to relaunch international travel.

Travel destinations will be ranked green, amber or red according to virus risk, Downing Street said in a statement late Saturday, with the government to provide more details on Monday.

International travel is currently banned except for a handful of permitted reasons. This has created massive pent-up demand for summer holidays abroad.

“We are doing everything we can to enable the reopening of our country… as safely as possible,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

The government said the new system “will help ensure the UK’s vaccine progress isn’t jeopardised and provide clear guidance for travellers”. The UK has already given out more than 31 million first vaccine doses and over 5 million second doses.

People heading to low-risk “green” countries will simply take a virus test before and after they travel, the government said.”But those going to amber or red countries will have to self-isolate or quarantine afterwards”.

Currently, people arriving in the UK from abroad are required to self-isolate for 10 days. The government urged people not to book summer holidays, saying it was “too early to predict” which would be the green-lighted countries.

In addition, the government has announced it will allow a number of people to attend public events such as football matches from this month in trials of a virus certification system.

However, it has not made clear whether it will issue “virus passports” for international travel, an idea backed by many tourism-dependent countries and airlines but opposed by more than 70 UK MPs.

While we are waiting on the ranking, we are optimistic that Nigeria falls in either the green or amber zone. Considering the new strain of COVID 19 in Nigeria, the chances might be slim.

However, before making travel plans this summer, get up to speed on these things to know about travel in 2021.

It would make it even easier to travel to the UK and other summer destinations when travel regulations shift in our favour.

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