What Are The Options? A Webinar On Dual Citizenship, Citizenship By Investment and Lots More

Webinar- What are the Options?

Filli Magna is a premium travel consultancy company invested in providing modern migration solutions to individuals, companies, and government agencies. With strategic partnerships around the globe and offices located in top countries like London, North America, and Nigeria, Filli provides premium immigration services to clients. What are the options? is a webinar targeted at introducing new services offered by Filli. These services include Citizenship by investment and immigration to countries such as London, UK, and North America.

Filli has partnered with Passport Legacy, a globally acclaimed Citizenship by Investment Experts to curate the contents of What Are The Options? This three-part webinar has a lineup of professional travel consultants and CEOs in the travel industry such as Olamidotun Votu-Obada, CEO of Filli Magna. In addition, there is Dennis Guting, the client advisor of Passport Legacy.

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The webinar brings these professionals of the immigration industry to inform and educate on what they know best. The topics span from professional immigration tips, second or dual citizenship to paid citizenship, and general travel advice. In addition, they would be dispensing tips on permanent residence and all there is to know.

Similarly, these experts would dispense professional advice on work permits, passports, and Visas. This advice is coming at no cost as the webinar is free but strictly by registration. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, What are the Options? is being held online.

This seminar is filled with a great deal of information and it is the aim of the organizers to share them with the public. The first session of What are the options? is slated to hold on the 10th of November 2020. Again, registration is free but attendance is strictly by registration.

Each session is an hour and thirty minutes long and every second promise to be packed with insight. What are the options? is believed to be the travel webinar to attend, so make that registration today and start your journey to professional travel advice.

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