Post-Study Visa Benefits For International Students in The UK

post-study visa international students

Planning on studying in the UK and working there after your education? Or are you already studying in the UK, then the post-study visa would be beneficial to you. If you desire to work and study in the UK, the UK government offers a post-study visa option for international students. This Visa provides options for international students to smoothly transition to the UK labour market. In addition, the post-study visa offers some other benefits for international students.

Five Benefits of the Post-study Visa

1.      Extended Time in the UK for Postgraduate students

Firstly, UK’s government has proposed the removal of the study time limit for postgraduate students. Also, extending the time required for students to come to the UK before the start of their course from 3 months to 6 months.

2.      2 –year post-study work visa

The post-study work visa is available to international students in both graduate and undergraduate courses. This allows you to stay in the UK for up to two years and look for a job after graduating. During this period, students in the UK can work at any skill level without a minimum salary threshold. This is a great way for international students to easily transition into the UK Labour market.

3.      Easier residency opportunity for STEM graduates

Using the new point’s based immigration system, graduates of STEM courses are given priority. This makes it easier and faster to get residency permits if you are a highly skilled professional and a STEM graduate.

4.      Dependent work rights

The post-study work visa also provides worker rights for dependents of international postgraduates. This translates to almost full and unrestricted access to the UK labour market.

5.      3-year post-study visa extension for PhD students

Highly skilled PhD students in the United Kingdom are eligible for a 3-year visa extension post studies. This is aimed at making the UK job market move attractive to highly skilled professionals. In addition, it provides better post-study options for professionals and attracts more talent to the country.

In conclusion, through the post-study visa, international students in the UK can explore the UK job market. They can also find job opportunities on the shortage occupation list, making it easier to secure residency under the new system.

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