Migration Options For Unskilled Laborers In Nigeria

Migration Unskilled Nigeria

With the recent increase in the desire to migrate to “Greener Pastures” more and more Nigerians are seeking better alternatives to mainstream countries such as the US. However, this might be almost impossible for unskilled labourers considering the Visa requirements for some of these nations. We have curated some great migration options for unskilled labourers in Nigeria.

These nations are relatively easy to access, and they have great systems. Some of these countries even offer easy immigration options for foreigners with certain skills. Without further ado, here are the top five countries and migration options for unskilled Nigerian labourers.

Migration Options for Unskilled Labourers In Nigeria

1.      Australia

Australia has several occupations listed that could help you migrate to the country. These occupations are divided into three broad categories:

  • Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

Jobs on this list include bricklayers, carpenters, welders, panel beaters, electricians, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics etc.

  • Short-term Skilled Occupational List (STSOL)

These include bakers, tailors, cooks and chefs, fashion designers, hairdressers, photographers, makeup artists etc.

  • Regional Occupation List (ROL)

This includes Floor Finishers.

All the occupations on either of these lists qualify you for an Australian work visa valid for up to 4 years. There is also the opportunity to leverage on your work visa and apply for permanent residency after two years with an Australian employer.

2.      The United Kingdom

Many would attest to the fact that the UK is particular about documentation. They want to be certain that your skill would be profitable to their economy. Therefore, if you wish to migrate to the UK as an unskilled labourer in Nigeria, certifications from a recognized body is a sure-fire way to begin. In addition, using your skills for charitable work with known NGOs or significantly can is an added advantage.

3.      Dubai

Migration Unskilled NigeriaThis one might be less known than those above. Especially with the fraudulent stereotype attached to Nigerians in Dubai. Nevertheless, there is a great need for unskilled workers in Dubai. However, it is easier to get jobs when in Dubai as opposed to applying from the outside. For details on migrating to Dubai, talk to one of our skilled experts today. This would save you time and money that might otherwise be lost if you get scammed.

4.      Norway

Migration Unskilled NigeriaNorway is a beautiful country that is easy to migrate to as an unskilled worker. An easy option is via family immigration. However, there are other options open to unskilled workers seeking to migrate to Norway.

Also, Norway offers free postgraduate education to foreigners, this makes it a great option if you are seeking to pursue your education further while earning a living.

5.      Canada

Migration Unskilled Nigeria

The Canadian authority is seeking to invite 1 million immigrants into Canada by 2022, you can take advantage of this.  Currently, there are four migration options for unskilled workers, and they are:

  • The Provincial Nominee Program
  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • The Agri-Food Pilot

There’s an increased demand for truck drivers, construction workers, cooks, housekeepers, cleaners and much more. With the right skills and qualification, getting into Canada is possible as an unskilled worker. An added advantage is a job offer from a Canadian employer, but it’s not compulsory to have one.

For more information on migration options for unskilled labourers in Nigeria, visit our website or email us. Also, check out these great locations for a summer vacation in 2021

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