President Joe Biden Removed Travel Ban On Nigerians and Other Foreign Nationals

president removed travel bans- Filii magna

President of the United States Joseph R Biden has removed the travel bans that affected most Muslim-majority and African countries. He made this known with a presidential proclamation last Wednesday. With this proclamation, the US Secretary of State must direct US embassies to resume processing visa applications previously affected by the bans. In addition, nationals of affected countries such as Libya, Yemen, North Korea, Nigeria, Burma, Sudan etc can now process visas previously made inaccessible by the 2017 and 2020 Trump administration travel ban.

How the Lifting Of Visa Issuance and Travel Restriction Ban Affects Nigerians

Nigerians can now apply for permanent residence and immigrant visas. Similarly, this is now available for citizens of Myanmar, Eritrea, and Kyrgyzstan. Thus, people seeking to migrate to the US can do this without the restrictions imposed by the 2020 bans.

Secondly, people who have had their visa applications denied by the ban may have their applications reconsidered. Also, nationals affected by the travel bans may not be prejudiced against if they wish to reapply for a visa.

Finally, there are plans to improve the visa vetting and screening process. These would ensure that qualified applicants receive their visas without unnecessary bias. All of these are good news for the travel community and potential immigrants.

In conclusion, while there are no more bans on the affected countries such as Nigeria. Applicants are still subject to Covid-19 public health bans and travel restrictions. Also, applicants are subject to national security screening when seeking admission into the United States and this could delay visa issuance.

We are quite excited about president Joe Biden and how he removed the travel bans. We cannot wait to see what else he fixes. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For premium travel consultancy and all your immigration needs, kindly visit our website or email us at

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