Kenyan E-Visa: A Step In The Right Direction

kenyan e-visa

Kenyan authorities have put in place the e-visa for all foreign nationals. This recent development took effect from 1st January 2021. The Kenyan e-visa system was first launched in 2015, and it quickly gained popularity. However, the online platform was only accessible to a few countries. The e-visa was launched as a way to increase efficiency and digitalization of services.

The success of this formed the framework for its expansion. Currently, the e-Visa platform is accessible to nationals of over 140 countries. The platform allows eligible travellers to obtain permission to enter Kenya much quicker than a physical visa application process. In addition, it is considered safer and timely due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The implication of this is that travellers would have to obtain visas before entering the country putting an end to the Visa on arrival program. It was no news that the African state offered visa on arrival services to nationals of certain countries, however, the Kenyan e-Visa system has put an end to that. A statement released by the Senior Deputy of Immigration Services, Alicent Odipo read:

“All passengers from countries that require a visa to enter Kenya shall be required to the electronic Visa before boarding an aircraft”

Advantages of the Kenyan e-VisaKenyan e-visa

While this is a new trend amongst African states, the electronic Visa packs a lot of advantages. These advantages include:

  • Faster visa application and processing times. Also, it is cheaper as it eliminates the need to visit the Kenyan embassy. All you need is an internet connection, and you can apply from the safety and comfort of your homes and offices.
  • Secondly, the e-Visa is considered a superior option for travellers and a step in the right direction by many.
  • It is in line with COVID-19 regulations, making it an easier, safer option for travellers.
  • Finally, completing your application beforehand allows enough time to correct errors that might affect you. Simply make corrections and have your updated Visa sent to your valid email address.

With the shift toward electronic visa, it is uncertain if other long term visas and permits would be affected. This shift to e-visa by the Kenyan authority is laudable indeed.

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