Five Visa Application Mistakes You Must Avoid

visa application mistakes

Processing a Visa Application can sometimes be an arduous and complicated even. It’s even more so for first-time applicants with filling application forms, Documentation, making appointments for interviews etc. It can be a lot and often times mistakes are made along the line. Some of these mistakes you should avoid when processing your visa application can cost you.

Making these mistakes might lead to a failed visa application. It might sound insane but some of these mistakes are so small that you might miss them. So, here are some mistakes you should avoid making while processing your visa application:

Mistakes To Avoid While Processing Your Visa Application

  • White Lies

“A little white lie never hurt anyone”-this statement couldn’t be any more wrong when it comes to visa applications. Honesty is the best policy when processing your visa application because you could do everything right but if you get caught in a lie your visa will end up denied.

  • Cutting It Too Close

Every country has a different turn around times for processing a visa. Sometimes this also varies based on peak travel seasons. Many applicants leave their visa applications till the last minute and end up having little time to fulfil the required checklist. It is better to start early, most countries allow submissions 90 days prior to your travel date.

  • Keep It Official

It is of paramount importance that you fill out all required information in your visa application indicated in the format for travel documentation. Avoid making mistakes in filling out details such as names, passport numbers etc.

Be as detailed as possible, filling all the required information and provide all required documents. It is essential to the success of your Visa Application. The Embassy will need the provided information to properly assess the legibility of your application.

  • Providing Incorrect Passport Details

Sounds very basic right? Who would make a mistake filling out passport details?. You’d be surprised things like names, passport details and date of birth are some of the most re-occurring mistakes people make in their visa application, according to the numbers.

So you need to be careful when filling out those tiny details because those tiny details could get you a denied visa if incorrect.

  • Not Getting The Right Advice

When it comes to visa applications there is a lot of advice out there on how to go about it, often they are wrong. It is much better to get advice from seasoned professionals to increase the chances of success on your visa application.

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