Great Visa Interview Tips

Successful Interview Tips

Processing a visa application for a trip abroad can be cumbersome task when taking into account all the documentation and processes you have to go through, but perhaps what’s even more daunting is the visa interview. The visa interview is the final step in the visa application process that determines the fate of your visa application, this can be quite stressful especially if you’re not sure how best to prepare. With the tips we provide you on how to prepare for your interview, you will be ready for a successful visa interview.

Please note the consular officer at the Embassy you apply to has the final say on whether your visa will be granted.


Some Things to Know before making Your Visa Appointment

  • Have a valid reason for visiting the country you’re applying t.
  • Forged documentation is a sure way to get your visa denied.
  • Mae sure to fill your visa application for correctly.
  • Do not skip answers or give false information to the consular.


How to Prepare for a Visa Interview

Be prepared to talk about yourself and your work. For many individuals, it may seem odd to discuss one’s credentials. However, it is important to realize that your eligibility for a particular visa category is almost always dependent on these credentials.

When answering the questions, you should focus on demonstrating that you meet the legal standard for admission in a particular visa category. Another important consideration is that you should not become too technical while discussing your jobs, as consular officers cannot be expected to possess specialized knowledge in every industry.

Be ready to provide supporting documents to back up the questions you are asked if needed.

When the consular officer asks you about your ties in your Nigeria, you must be able to state reasons and provide evidence of why you would return home.

Familiarize yourself with your application materials. Most questions you will be asked at the interview will already be addressed in your application materials.  It is important that you take time before the interview to acquaint yourself with the details of your letter of support all other supporting docs.

Finally, we encourage you to speak truthfully, as your credibility is key to a successful interview. Listen carefully to each question, give a complete answer, and do not simply give one worded answer.


Visa Interview Tips

  • Dress appropriately
  • Arrive early
  • Try not to look nervous
  • Great and smile
  • Be confident in your answers
  • Be polite and demonstrate respect in your language
  • Don’t be afraid to say “I beg your pardon” if you do not understand a question because of the interviewer’s accent.
  • Have all the necessary authentic documents on hand
  • Know your travel itinerary
  • Have strong ties in Nigeria such as a job, a company, or family members that are dependent on you.


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