US Will Remove Imposed Visa Restrictions Soon-Buhari

Two out of six areas of concern by the Us have been fully addressed while 2 others are being satisfied, progress is being made on the last two.

Nigeria was added to a list of seven countries for Visa restrictions in January 2020 by president Donald J. Trump of the United States. This list includes Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania.

Later the U.s Ambassador to Nigeria, iterated that the imposed ban on Nigeria could be lifted if there is an improvement in her data intelligence and in information sharing between both countries, among other conditions to be fulfilled.

On the the 13th of August President Buhari announced that Nigeria has made progress in reversing the US visa restrictions on “immigrant visas” to Nigerian passport holders.

‘‘I also note the progress made by Nigeria towards the removal of the visa restrictions as two out of the six areas of concern raised by the United States have been fully addressed, two are substantially satisfied while some progress is being made on the remaining two”.

‘‘I am delighted that this progress, especially the uploading of lost and stolen passports and travel documents has been acknowledged by the United States government,’’ the president said.

President Buhari also made promises that Nigeria will remain committed to making progress until all visa restrictions have been successfully removed by the United States.

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